July 23 thru July 29


Nat Evans – Blue Hour.  Greenlake, Seattle, WA..  July 28, 2012. 


Seattle composer Nat Evans will be presenting an original, site and time-specific music event that fuses nature, music, community, and subjectivity of experience, which will take place at sunset on July 28th at Green Lake. Participants will download the music onto their iPods or other portable listening device ahead of time and arrive at the basketball courts on the east side of the lake by 8:40pm. Participants will then walk to the viewing locale, and at sunset the cue will be given to press play and participants will sit back and observe while listening.

The music for Blue Hour is a mix of new and pre-existing compositions that have been arranged to best compliment the changing of light during the hour after sunset, and is available to download from the composer’s website (natevansmusic.com). This is the third in a series of time-specific pieces Evans has written – his Sunset + Music event was presented across the country in 2011, as well as at a number of festivals.

To review…
1. Participants download the music onto their ipods. (Click here to download)
2. Show up to the basketball courts at Green Lake by 8:40pm.
3. Press play when instructed to at sunset!

* * *

HAPPENING THIS WEEK – 7/23/12-7/29/12 Seattle:

  • Nat Evans – Blue Hour.  Greenlake, Seattle, WA..  July 28, 2012.
  • John Teske – Forest show, Seattle, WA.  July 28, 2012.  Email john@johnteskemusic.com for directions and details 


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