Welcome to The Box Is Empty’s blog. This site is devoted to offering ways of engaging with artists and ensembles who have one way or another found their way into The Box Is Empty’s circle.  Some of them are TBIE member musicians, some have composed for us, and some are artists we respect, admire, and stand behind.  Here you will find a listing of upcoming performances, artist features and interviews, album and concert reviews, and a page dedicated to each artist and ensemble.

Our aim is to let you know how much (new) music there is to be heard and to offer a platform for artists to interact with their audiences and each other.  Please comment.  Whether you loved or hated what you’ve heard, whether a performance excited or bored you, we want your feedback and we welcome dialog.  We may not agree, but we at The Box Is Empty believe that respectful discourse is essential to the arts, and we hope that this site helps to enable just that.

The Box Is Empty is an up-and-coming, project-oriented ensemble dedicated to the energetic performance and recording of contemporary art music.  Through avenues–both tried and innovative–of performance, education and outreach, and artistic collaboration, The Box Is Empty seeks to engage new and seasoned audiences in the evolving ways we interact with and experience sound, art, and music.

Our name is based on a simple concept.  Start with a project (i.e. a box), fill it with all of your spirit, energy, and creativity until the project comes to fruition.  Then empty the box and start again.  The Box Is Empty is a view of the process.  All possibilities are open, creativity is unending.  Surprise the box’s recipient with the gift of new experience.  The Box Is Empty.



  1. Hi, For the Hotel Elefant performance on November 1, can you update the name of our organization? It is Elefant, not Elephant. Thank you!

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