June 19 thru June 24


Parnassus Project – Music at Tully’s Flagship.  Tully’s Flagship Store, Seattle, WA.  June 23, 2012. 


Based in the Greater Seattle area, Parnassus Project seeks to bring chamber music to a cafe culture. Part concert and part social gathering, our events offer top-notch performances, food, and drink in intimate, relaxed venues and encourage interaction among musicians and audience members.  The next show will be at the beautiful Tully’s flagship store in downtown Seattle.

Parnassus Project has some great repertoire planned for this Saturday, including Rachmaninov for piano six hands (!), the Brahms’s horn trio, the stunningly beautiful sonata for flute, viola, and harp by Claude Debussy, the world premiere of Russell Nadel’s Orchard Sunset (cello/harp version), and much more.  This weekend’s roster includes Brooks Tran, Andrew Chen, and Joseph Doughtery, piano; Sol Im and Mitchel Drury, violins; Clifton Antoine, viola; Maggie Stapleton, flute; Timothy Mar, cello; and Ruth Mar, harp.

It should prove a great way to spend a Saturday night, have some coffee, and hear some excellent music masterfully played.  If you happen to be headed to Table and Chairs on Saturday (or if you live outside of Seattle so you can’t come to the show), and you believe in Parnassus Project’s mission, you can give to this great organization through Fractured Atlas.

* * *

Make Music New York – Gradient vs. Drone by Eric Frederic.  All over NYC.  June 21, 2012, all day.

Now in its sixth year, Make Music New York, “the largest music event ever to grace Gotham” (Metro New York), is a unique festival of free concerts in public spaces throughout the five boroughs of New York City, all on June 21st, the first day of summer.  From 10 in the morning to 10 at night, musicians of all ages, creeds, and musical persuasions — from hip hop to opera, Latin jazz to punk rock — perform on streets, sidewalks, stoops, plazas, cemeteries, parks and gardens.

Other MMNY highlights include New York’s first open-air performance of Xenakis’s Persephassa (with the audience listening from rowboats in the Central Park Lake, surrounded by percussionists) and Louis Andriessen’s Hoketus played from the balconies of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.  And there is much more happening, so whatever you do…GO LISTEN!

(Please note that in our last blog post we recommended the performance of Gradient vs. Drone.  This recommendation was based on erroneous information and will not be taking place this June 21st.  We hope you’ll still check out the video we posted last week as a good example of a MMNY performance.  Sorry for any confusion!)

* * *

HAPPENING THIS WEEK – 6/19/12-6/24/12 – Seattle:

  • Table and Chairs – Operation ID.  Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA.  June 20, 2012, 7:30 p.m..
  • Parnassus Project – Music at Tully’s Flagship.  Tully’s Flagship Store, Seattle, WA.  June 23, 2012.
  • Table and Chairs – T&C Median Show.  Ravenna median at the intersection of Roosevelt Way and Ravenna Boulevard, Seattle, WA.  June 23, 2012, 8:00 p.m..

HAPPENING THIS WEEK – 6/19/12-6/24/12 – Elsewhere:

  • Kate Moroney – Soloist with Yale Choral Artists and Mark Morris Dance Company.  Arts and Ideas Festival, New Haven, CT.  June 19-22.
  • Make Music New York – Gradient vs. Drone by Eric Frederic.  All over NYC.  June 21, 2012, all day.


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