June 4 thru June 10


This week on the blog I thought we would take a moment to remember the victims of the tragic shootings in Seattle.  I am sure you heard on the news that last week Wednesday saw violent deaths first at Seattle’s Cafe Racer and then in the Downtown and West Seattle neighborhoods.  The event is tragic and frightening, but I have been amazed at the responses in the neighborhood, the city, and the musical community.  Last Sunday’s Racer Session was packed with people, and many of them brought instruments to play.  The showing of support and solidarity was moving, as was the music.  You can listen to it here.

So, my suggestion to you this week is not a performance, per say.  Rather, I think it would be wonderful for us all to take a moment and listen to some of the musicians who were killed last week.  Drew and Joe were mainstays at the Cafe Racer, and their absence will be felt for quite some time.  Read this touching memorial from The Stranger. This video is of the two of them playing together…


If you like what you here, please continue to listen.  You can find more music by their bands God’s Favorite Beefcake and Circus Contraption by following each link.

Please consider either donating to or participating in one of Cafe Racer Love’s events.  They are continuing to raise money to support the victims families.  Lastly, pray for the victims families, for the shooter’s family, and for our great city.  Cafe Racer is a rare and special place because of the people, music, and art that have filled it over the years, let’s all take a part in making sure it continues to be.

HAPPENING THIS WEEK – 6/4/12-6/10/12 – Seattle

HAPPENING THIS WEEK – 6/4/12-6/10/12 – Seattle


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