January 8 thru January 13 – Top Picks


Hotel Elefant – Concert II of Season I, Remembrance. Rescheduled from 2012 due to weather. The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, New York, NY. January 12, 2013 8:00 p.m..


The bold and exuberant chamber ensemble Hotel Elefant continues their debut season “Remembrance” with a concert that was to be given on the Day of the Dead but for the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Sandy.  The group has rescheduled, and the concert will now be performed January, 12, 2013.  The program, which features of Michael Gordon’s The Sad Park, delves into the remembrance theme.  Gordon’s work was composed for the Kronos Quartet in memory of September 11th, and is a haunting tribute.  It’s use of pre-recorded children’s voices offer a poignant glimpse into loss and memory.

Programmed alongside The Sad Park is Drawings for Meyoko by Angélica Negrón

* * *

Ensemble bassist Michelle Lou will have her paralipomena (from the Greek “things omitted from a text”) performed as well.

* * *

Hotel Elefant’s writes about their Remembrance season…

WHY WE’RE EXCITED ABOUT THIS GROUP & OUR 1st SEASON: We love the sounds of our time, and we believe this music can be better appreciated when its purpose is understood. Exploring the theme of “Remembrance” in our 2012 season, we’re digging into music that tackles this subject head-on. Not only will we be performing this music for you, but our moderator James Holt will also go behind-the-scenes to speak with our resident musicians and featured composers to open up a conversation between artists and audiences.

This should be a beautiful and unique exploration from a new and energetic ensemble.  Don’t miss your second chance to hear this show.  GO LISTEN!




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