September 24 thru September 30


John Teske – Broken Bow Ensemble performs new works for chamber orchestra.  The Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA.  September 29, 2012.  8:00 p.m..

Emerging composer and bassist extraordinaire John Teske has put together an outstanding chamber orchestra for the next in his series of performances that began earlier this summer. His new work, showcased this week at the Chapel, will surely leave a lasting mark on the new/experimental/the-way-it-should-be classical music scene in Seattle.   Teske writes,

Murmur explores through sound the subtleties of human consciousness, awareness, and experience. As our society becomes more interconnected, it can feel as if time is accelerating, and the sense of self, of authenticity and intention, can be lost in a scattered existence. By slowing the experience of time through music, the listener’s attention is brought to detail. This focus can open a door to a deeper awareness of the environment, sensations in the body, and other people.

The Broken Bow Ensemble is a 26-piece orchestra dedicated to performing original contemporary classical music. The bows are broken, as are the expectations — starting anew and moving forward with the fragments that remain. This new ensemble features local musicians, including Tari Nelson-Zaglar, Brianna Atwell, Jessie Polin, and Greg Campbell, and features The Box Is Empty members Alina To, Alisyn Christensen, and Natalie Hall.

This is a show that is certainly deserving of support, so go to the concert and listen, and if you are so inclined, view Broken Bow’s Kickstarter video and give some cash.  You’ll find it to be well worth the time and money.

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