Leah Kardos

page2-1014-fullI am a composer and producer working in Bedford, England, making eclectic music that often combines live instrumental performance with technology, location recordings and found sounds. I’m fascinated by the communicative power of timbre, the manipulations of psychoacoustic phenomena, memory and pattern recognition, and the magical inexpressible ways in which music connects to life. I’m a technology geek and ardent music enthusiast and I enjoy being creative in different contexts. I’m currently signed with London-based label Bigo & Twigetti, and I also play synth and piano for Lonesound. I don’t believe in genre boundaries.

Click here to link to Leah’s website.


  • Bigo and Twigetti Label Night.  The Vortex, London, UK. January 10, 2013, 8:00 p.m..


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