Two Works By Louis Andriessen

Andriessen Poster 3

The Box Is Empty, Seattle’s newest contemporary music ensemble, introduces itself with a performance of two works by the groundbreaking Louis Andriessen. The program offers the rare opportunity to hear Andriessen’s early masterpiece De Volharding (perseverance).  The unrelenting Workers Union completes the program for exciting insight into the music of one the last half-century’s most innovative composers.  Come hear these works that helped to launch Louis Andriessen from composer of the Dutch avant-garde to one of international influence and importance.


Louis Andriessen – De Volharding

Louis Andriessen – Workers Union



Ivan Arteaga, Holly Carlton, and Andrew Swanson, saxophones; Nicole Harreld, Chris McGann, and Erik Reed, trumpets; Steve Harreld, Jen Hinkle, and Masa Ohtake, trombones; Amanda Harris, piano; Evan Woodle, percussion; Maria Mannisto, amplified voice


Jeremiah Cawley, conductor

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